Healthcare Providers Succeed With Our Expertise

Revenue Cycle Process Improvement

For a 40-physician surgery practice with an ASC, performed an initial assessment and subsequent re-engineering of revenue cycle processes including establishing a monitoring system, standardizing policies and procedures for all satellite offices, and staff training resulting in an estimated $2,000,000 in added practice revenue within a six-month time frame.

Risk Capability

Completed a risk capability assessment for a large orthopedic practice which provided a gap analysis for the organization regarding their “readiness” for risk contracts. This powerful study informed the group’s development of their value proposition and served as an educational foundation for the practice. Through this exercise the group became more knowledgeable about their strengths and weaknesses and elected to engage in new payment methodologies (i.e., bundling) with payers.

Front Desk Collections

For an ENT practice client, streamlined front-desk collection activities resulting in reducing “days in accounts receivable” by 26 days and doubling practice front-desk collection revenues. Physician income also increased 35% as a result of successful implementation of best practices.

Managed Care Contracting

For a single specialty 26-physician practice, our team renegotiated several managed care contracts resulting in significant annual revenue increases. Our team also resolved several troubling contract language issues that resulted in a positive impact from an operational perspective. Additionally, we have many more managed care contacting success stories and a long list of happy clients.

Dashboard Development

For a hospital system, developed comprehensive dashboards for associated physician practices. Dashboards informed leadership regarding practice performance compared to peers within the region. It included qualitative and quantitative metrics uniquely framing performance demonstrating environmental factors impacting the practice and pinpointing opportunities for improvement.


Assisted a hospital system with an operational overhaul including organizational structure, credentialing, revenue cycle optimization and managed care contract negotiations. Adjusted collections for their medical group increased over 200% and revenue by 64% within 12 months of project initiation.